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“DIL TOO BACHA HAI JI” No matter how old we become we always stay like a child from inside. There are lots of ups and downs in life but winning those odds with a childish carefree nature really helps us. Not only this, we start our journey with an infant and we become old and again retain all the special qualities of a child in our old age. So children’s day is not only meant for small kids, it’s for of all of us. Today, let’s just bring some of the things that never change even if you cross 20, 30 or 60 years.
Enjoy a flashback of your childhood:
The most dangerous thing we confront in our entire life.
A feeling that no one can ever bring in your life.
It’s not considered as a fight rather it’s a base of a very strong bonding
A thing that makes you feels special, very special.
Since childhood, you always stay with a person who don’t share blood relation with you but he/she is greater than many blood relations.
I raised this point because I LOVE FIFA :D
Barbie still attracts many girls, for sure.
Want to check this point? Check every BIG BOY’s keychain, not everyone but some would still have a Hotwheel key ring.
Hottest in fashion now.
Not agreed? Check your voice while talking to you gf/bf :D
Never kill a child in you. Always stay mature but sometimes act childishly. It’s Important!
Happy Children’s Day to all. A message from team LOPSCOOP.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image credit – Vikas Kakkar
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