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Gadgets have played a major role in our life and if you are 90s kid then growing with new invention had been your daily routine. You have seen how the technology changed with time. From tv video games to x-box, walkman to I pods and desktop to laptop, you have seen everything. The quote ‘been there-seen that’ suits on every 90s kid and you can proudly say to your future generation that you have seen how the technology has changed in a span of decades. Today we will make you revisit your childhood and let you know about the famous gadgets from 90s.
Here is the list of gadgets that we still remember!
When clicking pictures was not that simple and you didn’t have the option to delete or filter photos.
When having a casio watch was like a dream for every child and everyone wished that they get a casio watch as birthday gift.
This piano made many 90s kids learn the perfect and rhythm for any song.
When calling someone was like having a KBC talk and when telephone bills came, you were the first one to hide.
When listening to songs with these music players and you were busy making collection of cassettes.
When indoor games meant playing Mario and contra on television.
When phones like moto razr was used as status symbol and Nokia 1100 for playing snake.
Let us know in the comments section which gadget you still remember from 90s.
Author - Amit Singh
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