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We’ve always heard many expensive dresses that are usually worn by famous celebrities and rich people. But today, we’ve just bought a list of most expensive shoes from all around the world. So get ready to get shocked and please don’t forget to see the number 1 in our list.
Here we gooooo….
10) Prada Derby Shoes
These interesting looking shoes go for around 10 Thousand.
9) Gucci Spike Loafer
These crazy looking loafers cost around 15 Thousand.
8) Nike Dunk Low Pro SB ‘Paris’
Covered with an art by French artist Bernard Buffet, these ‘Paris’ shoes costs around 26-27 Thousand.
7) Alexander McQueen Hobnail Ankle Boots
These embroidered ankle boots by British designer Alexander McQueen go for about 27 Thousand.
6) Gold-Dipped Nike Dunks
Covered in 24K gold, you won’t want to wear these shoes which cost around 40 Thousand very often. Who wants to get their GOLD shoe mix with dirt?
5) The Row Ambra glossed-alligator ankle boots
From Mary-Kate and Ashley, these Italian made boots cost upwards of 50 Thousand to 60 Thousand.
4) Autographed Nike Air Jordan 1
One could just buy a fancy car for 4 to 5 Lakh, but at least with these Jordans you’ll be walking-walking & walking which is healthier, I guess.
3) Jason Arasheben Custom
These diamond-encrusted, Jason Arasheben custom-made shoes were worn by Nick Cannon when he hosted the final season of American Idol. The shoes are covered in more than 14,000 round-cut white diamonds set on white gold for an estimated cost of 20 Lakh.
2) Harry Winston Ruby Slippers
For exact replica of the red magic shoes of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz one has to spend around 30 lakh.
1) Shoes thrown at President George W Bush
The shoes thrown by Iraqi reporter Muntadhar al-Zaidi as he yelled “This is a farewell kiss from the Iraqi people, you dog” were bought for nearly 1 crore. The shoemaker also got a massive windfall with orders for nearly 300,000 pairs in a week.
Don’t get shocked, it’s the reality. But do remember, any pair of footwear is meant to give us comfort only. So just get satisfied with your own shoe and chill. Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Credit – Vikas Kakkar
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