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We live in 21st century society but still, we find many awkward situations when we just feel that no we are still in Stone Age. Today we are going to discuss some of the sarcastic and weird dialogues which guys get to listen when they started living in separate flats. So in coming dialogues, we will portray our society thoughts for flat owner bachelors, society including friends, family, landlords, “padosi”, “padosi ke padosi”, and so on.
Here are the dialogues:
Landlord: “Ladki nhi aani chahiye yaha samjhe”
True pain that every guy face while renting any flat. Somebody tell landlords that flat is also use to sleep and study.
“Tere maze hai, Akele rehta hai.. GirlFriends vagera aati rehti hongi”
Somebody ask them this is my flat, not any motel or something.
“Ohho Beta flat too bada saaf hai? Girlfriend ne kiya kya saaf?”
Why? Boys too have the capability to clean the house, sir.
“Akele rehte hoo tab too live-in relationship mai rehte hoge”
Live-in realtion seems to be the most exotic things in society.
“Kitni Girlfrined hai bhai teri? Jo flat le rkha hai”
Dude I owned flat because my office is near from my flat. WTF
Society: “Ladkiya aati jati rehti hai inke flat pe, Sanskar naam ki koi cheez nhi hai”
Not every girl who’s coming here is my gf. So do liten carefully and keep your words to yourself.
Me: “Ye kya jaane single rehne ka dard, ladki kya koi achi friend nhi aati iss “society” ki wajah se”
This is every guy story, and you all have to believe it.
Conclusion: Next times before judging anything don’t make any stereotypes. Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for more humorous and interesting stories.
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Author - Adnan Alam
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