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You might have come across people in daily life who pretend to act smart but the harsh reality is that there are sh*t guys. You don’t have to go out to search them; they are the ones who are mostly available in every friend’s group. They are surely the odd one out. To let you know more about such guys, today we will be sharing with your types of people you should never trust.
Let’s check out who are these people in the society
They are the ones who are not having trust even on an electronic system and they always check money after withdrawing money from ATM.
People who say that they are vegetarians after eating egg should not be trusted and should go and learn biological funda.
They are the ones who pretend to act smart by typing in such a manner. For them it is cool.
Never ever trust people who don’t like listening to music. The question is how one can a person survive without music?
How can someone be so rude and not say bless you if a person sneeze?
They are the ones who always say that they have not studied any subject and after results, they top the class.
Girls who pretend to be good friends and when a guy thinks that they can get into a relationship, they friendzone them.
There are people who even don’t go to free parties and they are the one who should not be trusted and it is better you should stay away from such people.
These kinds of people think that they are the coolest guys or girls on the planet.
Though it’s not like that you should not really trust them, however, this story is a sarcastic take on such types of people who should try to adjust according to friends.
Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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