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We are living in 21st century where life is so fast that we don’t get any extra time. Still, somewhere we find time when all we need is to get stress free. Here are we presenting some of the best games which always save us to get bored. No matter how much we get modern, we always stay with basics. Here is the list:
Nokia – Snake:
I guess this is a true inception of mobile games. Back to the classic time, this game always saves us from various situations like if you caught by your parents while chatting to your gf/bf you can clearly say that “I AM PLAYING SNAKE”. Apart from that, till now it’s the best option for time pass.
Not for everyone but in real hard boring time it always works as a savior for many people. Hard to understand but those shapes still had their shadow in our minds.
Dinosaur Chrome Game:
Wi-Fi connection disrupted in office? No problem at all! This Dinosaur is not going to kill you but definitely kill your boring time. Here’s a master tip for pro Dinosaur gamers – Use arrow key not space bar :D
Space Impact:
Who remember this game? The game that we used to play on our parents’ mobile. The fun to beat the high score in this game is ultimate.
This game not only tells us to complete the task but also teaches us how to control ourselves. This is one of the best games created by Nokia for sure.
Candy Crush:
The most effective game in smartphone era. When the multimedia phone era ends and smartphone era came, games flowed like a flood. But among the entire crowd this game set a new milestone.
Conclusion: No matter how many gaming consoles come and go, no matter how many new games come on android and IOS platforms, these games will be going to live forever and ever. Do share this post and let the information run into our young blood.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image credit – Vikas Kakkar

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