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One famous public figure who has been trolled several times on the social media platform Twitter is Donald Trump. He has been into Netizen’s radar several times for his grammatical errors, handshakes and signature. The US President is funny, witty and he believes in speaking from his what he feels. And now again he is into the trap of trolls because of his latest tweet in which he said that he was probably going to be named “Man(person) of the Year” relating it to that he had to do a photo shoot and interview for the same. In reply times now gave a befitting reply that gave twitterati a chance to troll the US President again
Here is the tweet by Donald trump
Here is how Time Magzine replied to it
This is how David Schneider replied to it
Hard Hitting reply to US President Donald Trump
Twiiterati Trolled Him In Style
We hope that Trump will take a lesson from it and think before saying anything on social media platform.
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Author - Amit Singh
Image source - Twitter
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