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Bollywood has focused on portraying different forms of love and among them one love is of friendship. The industry has given us so many films that portray friendship in an elegant way with a bit of humour and tadka of entertainment in it. Today we decided to share some of the dialogues from Bollywood movies that redefines friendship in its own way.
Let's check out the best dialogues
Every college friends group can relate to this dialogue from 3 idiots.
Hahahahaha and after this dialogue friends shared a cup of tea and at times sutta with each other.
This dialogue from the movie Dil Chahta Hai is for every true friend who is committed to friendship forever
And this rule was made that there are no sorry thank you among friends
And yes Dosti always starts with a core of heart and is everlasting.
Hahahahahahaha this dialogue perfectly justifies how true friendship is in real life.
If a girl is your good friend then there are chances that you might fall I love each other.
Though the dialogue is bit creepy, but yes true friendship is the sometimes like this. Just understand the emotions.
This dialogue from Yaariyan is to every friend who makes their friends do different things at different stages of life
Author - Amit Singh
Design Credit - Vikas Kakkar
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