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In India it is said that guest is like a god and every family treats them in the same way during festivals or wedding season. Wedding season is around the corner and people are busy doing shopping and planning out things for wedding. However, have ever given a thought how you can welcome your guest in wedding season? No? We have done this bit for you as we decided to share sweet dishes that you can serve this wedding season to your guests.
Let’s check out the sweet dishes that you can serve to your guests this wedding season
The best way to serve your guests is a creamy Rasamali which in itself a mouthwatering sweet.
This sweet dish is light and can easily accompany heavier dishes like kheer and halwa. And luckily most of the people love it.
This traditional dish can make any guest happy as it is one of the best sweet dish and guests will love those hot jalebis in chilling winters.
Shadi ki ladoo is one thing that every guest would love to eat in wedding season. You can make besan or boondi k ladoo for your friends.
One sweet dish that can never go out of the trend when it comes to serving sweet dish then it is Peda. Serve this sweet dish to your guests and fill their stomach with this sweet delight.
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Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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