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All the fans of Marvel comics eagerly waiting for the Avengers trailer, some find out the trailer up to their expectations and some find it a little bit low. But today is the era of Twitter and many people just flow their emotion with help of Twitter. Here some mind-blowing hilarious twitter reaction on the trailer and the characters of the Infinity war.
Here are some mind bobbling reactions:
1) A sarcastic comment for DC comics for sure.
2) A taste of horns.
3) Ok Guys Simpson not going leave us.
4) This made me Nostalgic about my own college days.
5) The epic reaction, Just look at the anger and reaction. Damn GOOD man!
6) Baap Ka Dada Ka sabka BADLA lega "Thanos"
7) Kamlessss really rocks every where!
8) LOL
9) OOPS I did it again.
10) Bhaijaan Ki movie aa rhi hai.......
No matter what Marvel wants to convey in the trailer but it seems like fans know very well how to entertain themselves. Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for more updates.
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