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Sex is one of life’s most amusing pleasures. It can be squishy and sensual, teasing and exciting, or deeply spiritual and connecting. You will get amazed after knowing that Yoga practice helps us better connection during physical love and it also makes excited about your sexual practice. Couples who practice yoga regularly experience an immense improvement in their sex lives. Increased stamina and flexibility in the body give more pleasure during physical intimacy.
Though all yoga positions have their own benefits, with their benefits a couple may fall again and again in love with their partner & can re-create the love for sex. Yoga poses help to make your partner satisfied with their physical needs and provide more excitement while giving the sensual touch to your partner
These are few top positions to enhance sexual functions.
1. Sitting Wide –Legged Bestride Pose
This pose truly amps up the blood flow to the groin part. In a sitting position with flexed feet, spread legs as wide as relaxing position. Engage the thigh muscles as you force down the legs keen on the floor and draw your chest downwards just before the floor for deeper moves.
2. Spread –Eagle Pose
This pose is all-purpose. It will help you to make excited and relaxed as well. Your man sits on his knees .you lie on your back, legs in the air and wide apart and he is front of your wide legs. The posture is truly permitted you to settle down at the same time as he holds your legs up and apart changing the speed and depth of his drive.
3. Bridge Pose
This bridge pose targets the muscles at the pelvic floor, which makes it stronger and controlled orgasm. To perform the bridge pose, start on the floor on your back. Gently bent knees, slightly lift your butts until thighs are comparable to the floor, forming a bridge and hold this pose at least for 30 seconds.
4. Plow Pose
This pose increases blood flow to the brain to enhance attentiveness and stimulation. It also stretches the back, helps to reduce the injury during sex. This is performed by lying face-up on the floor and lightly carry your unbend legs up in the air over the body and through the semicircle put your toes on the floor above your head. Rest your arms against your back on the floor.
5. Happy Baby Pose
This body posture – hip openers in common – help to release anxiety and nervousness. Happy Baby let loose the lower back, sacrum and gluteus muscles, and elongates the cramp and spine. It also aids in reducing fatigue while calming the nervous system. It is next to the feeling of fun and joy in this pose, which can be converted into pleasant physical intimacy inside the bedroom. Sex is supposed to be an enjoyment, pleasure of life. The happy Baby pose may assist you to cuddle your youthful prying.
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