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Have you drunk last night? NO!!OK, let me give you a test, to confirm that you do not have a hang-over, due to all the alcohol that you had been drinking .......I am going to show some pictures and will ask you some easy riddles. Answer these riddles quickly to confirm that you do not have hangover!!!.Lets start with an easy one. What do you see in this picture a Monkey or a Lion?
1. Monkey or Lion Optical Illusion
If you could see both Monkey are Lion, then it is time to move to next picture.
2) ell in which direction this car is moving?
3) In which direction this person is watching?
4) In the next picture what number do you see?
5) Tell which side of pencil is darker?
What do you see in-between the zigzag lines?
Let us know the answers in the comments section.
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