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An Optical Illusion is the one which shows different images to our brain than the normal reality. These pictures play with our mind and show something which is not true. Optical Illusions are successfully able to cheat our visual skills. Here are some very nice yet simple Optical. These Optical Illusions will make you spent time on each of these picture and some of these picture you will be looking again and again to understand the reality.
Let’s start with very simple optical illusion. What do you see here at first glance? Check if the yellow arrows pointing to the left or green ones are pointing to the right. There is no correct answer. Different people see different arrows at first. I saw the green ones at first look and then found that there are yellow arrows too in this picture.
Which Color Arrows do you see first?
Next one contains the three Cars. These cars are looking similar. What are these same in size? Do check it with the scale to find out yourself.
Can you tell which of these cars is the largest?
Next Optical Illusion contains the hidden word. Can you find what is hidden in this picture?
Can you spot hidden word it this picture?
Next Optical Image will again test your visual skills. Can you tell where on this curve the lines are the longest, and where they are the shortest? Once you answer it, use the scale to checkout if you answered it correctly!!
Can you find shortest and longest lines in this picture?
This one is very interesting Optical Illusion. It contains two message hidden and embedded in one picture. When you are very near to this picture and read the message, you will be able to read the first message. However, when you far away from this picture, you will be able to read the second message. Amazing Optical Illusion indeed! First, look at the image at a close distance, then look at it from 1 meter distance.
Can you read both hidden messages in this picture?
Hope you liked these Optical Illusions. Do share it with your friends so that they can also enjoy these amazing optical illusions.
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