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Solving different kinds of logic puzzles is the best way to keep your brain active and sharp. Even if you graduated a long time ago, it doesn’t mean you should stop challenging yourself.We at Bright Side want you to try solving these 5 puzzles that will make you scratch your head. And if you can’t find the answer, they’re waiting for you at the end.
1. Here’s the correct pattern: 7 — 3 = 4, 7 + 3 = 10, 7 * 3 = 21.
If you put the answers together, you’ll get 41021.
2. Any object submerged in water has an apparent weight loss equal to the weight of the fluid displaced. The stone takes up more space than the iron balance weight. Therefore, the stone will displace more water and thus will become lighter. That will tilt the balance.
3. One of them gets an apple with the basket.
4. These are the correct symbols:
10. There are 10 numbers in this picture:
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