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Finding the number of Triangles and Squares in the given pictures is quite Good Visualization Fun Puzzles. It helps to enhance you attention as one has to concentrate a lot while differentiating one unit of triangle or square from the another one. Moreover one has to also take care of Triangles or Squares which get created during the overlapping of pictures. Here I am posting some of the picture in which you have to find number of Triangles and Squares. Do post you comments giving your count of found out triangles and squares in these pictures. These riddles are part of Fun Brain Teasers and Riddles.
1. Can you find how many squares are there in this figure. In fact this brain teaser is for kids as it is quite easy. Moreover because of colors of different squares it becomes even easier to find number of squares.
2. Here is the another picture in which one has to find number of squares. Again this is an easy one. However try to count it correctly in the first try itself. I could not answer it correctly in first try. Lets see if you can do it?
3. The Next one is harder one as compared to previous two. As there is overlapping of squares. In this picture again one has to find number of Squares. Do remember that a Square is always a Rectangle. However Rectangle is not always a square.
4. Finding Squares in a figure is easier than finding triangles in a figure. In the next few puzzles one has to find number of Triangles in the given picture. Starting with the first one, lets try to find number of triangles in this photograph. Do take care that there will overlapping of Triangles at many places. So one has to be very careful while counting number of triangles in the given following picture.
5. It is time now to move slowly to tough and complex pictures. Here is one picture of triangle which has many triangles inside it. Can you count all the triangles which you see in this picture puzzle image?Puzzle Picture in which your challenge is to count number of triangles5. How many triangles you can find in this Picture?
6. Lets move the complex picture of finding number of triangles. This picture contains lots of overlapped triangles. Lets see how many triangles you can count in this complex picture?
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