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There are many puzzles and brainteasers that seem easy but are actually very hard to solve. However, sometimes it’s the opposite: we over-think and try to be very logical without paying attention to obvious things.
Bright Side made a list of 12 puzzles that will be great brain training for you. Keep in mind that it’s hard to simplify things and very easy to complicate them.
12. No, it can’t be sunny in 72 hours because it’s going to be midnight again.
11. The last piece of material will be cut in 7 days.
10. The triangle is made of 9 cubes.
9. The right answer is 5 minutes. If 5 machines make 5 T-shirts in 5 minutes, the more machines we have, the more T-shirts they will make. But it’s not going to increase the amount of time.
8. You need to move any other match. Then the one in the middle will become either first or last.
7. An air balloon is being blown away with the wind flow, but it is at rest in respect to the air. That’s why flags are not going to wave in any direction — they are going to hang down as if there was no wind at all.
6. You can’t answer “no“ to the question ”Are you alive?"
5. You need to put a decimal point between 4 and 5.
4. The right answer is that he is sitting on your lap.
3. 1 + 17 — 3 = 9 + 6
2. Row 6, column 4.
1. The right triangle is tilted to the left.
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