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How well do you trust your mind? We can’t even imagine how often our sight, hearing, or smell cheat us.
Bright Side will show you 7 puzzles, optical illusions, and tricks, which can prove that things are not as simple as they seem. You will also see an incredible bonus, which will make you check twice before understanding what you actually see.
You can color a picture with the power of thought.
Look at the left picture for 30 seconds, and then move your sight to the right picture. You’ll see the dinosaur becoming green. The effect is active until you blink.
Things you see only at the proper viewing angle
The Ambassadors is a painting by Hans Holbein the Younger. You can see an obscure stain on the floor between the 2 men. If you take a close look from the right, you’ll see a tridimensional skull.
Cold objects have a larger weight than warm ones.
Take 2 cartons of milk. Put one of them in the freezer for an hour, while the second carton is in the kitchen, acquiring room temperature. Then take both cartons into your hands in an hour. Frozen milk will seem heavier than warm milk. This effect is known as Weber’s Phenomenon.
These strawberries are not red.
Our brain always sees strawberries in a red color. That is why it automatically "sees" the berries in this pic in the same way. However, there are only gray, blue, and green shades here. You can find a more detailed explanation here.
All the spots are the same size.
If you take a fleeting glance at the picture, you might think that all the spots are different in size. The illusion is produced because of the different backlashes between them. All the spots actually have the same size.
Stand with one leg lifted, and we’ll guess your age.
Stand barefoot on the floor. Lift your left leg (if you’re a left-handed person you should lift your right leg).
Close your eyes.
Slowly count up to 30, and check your result with the given table.
You can repeat the action thrice and divide the sum of your time into 3. Most people will have the same result as in the table. The secret is quite simple: our sense of balance gets worse as we get older. However, the numbers can change if you play certain sports that require balance training.
The Google logo does not contain a single round element.
Our brain likes to see round things. That is why, even when having only a detail of something round in sight, you automatically draw the full round object in your mind. The same thing occurs when you look at the Google logo, which is absolutely not as round as it seems at first.
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