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How well do you trust your mind? We can’t even imagine how often our sight, hearing, or smell cheat us.Bright Side will show you 7 puzzles, optical illusions, and tricks, which can prove that things are not as simple as they seem. You will also see an incredible bonus, which will make you check twice before understanding what you actually see.
The floor is absolutely even.
However, your brain sees only the 3D illusion created by a group of artists. The effect is stronger because of the reflections you see in the glass doors.
This curved arch is actually symmetrical.
The lines are absolutely the same length.
Your brain works perfectly with different kinds of perspective. It will surely show you that the most distant and the closest lines have different lengths. However, if all the squares are removed, you’ll see that the lines are identical.
Is the cube inside the cube? Or is the cube in front of the cube?
This is one of the most famous optical geometric illusions. Actually, there is no right answer. It might be that the cube lacks one corner, the cube is inside the cube, or the cube is in front of the cube. If you like origami, you can make such a thing yourself.
There are 16 circles in the picture.
Don’t believe us? If you want to see them, you need to concentrate your attention on the vertical lines. Now the circles are seen more distinctively.
You won’t be able to guess what you are eating if you hold your nose.
Close your eyes, and block your nose in order to see and smell nothing.
Ask someone to give you some food without saying what exactly you are going to eat.
Try to guess the taste of this food.
Most people will not be able to distinguish between boiled eggs and marshmallows. This occurs because your brain usually knows the taste of products by their odor. If there is no odor, there is no taste. The trick is used by smart kids when they are made to eat "healthy food" they don’t want or like.
Optical illusions and various riddles perfectly test your brain! Which of the illusions shown here did you like more? Don’t be shy to share below!
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