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Odd One Out Puzzles are of many different types. It could be finding the Odd Picture Out picture among three similar looking pictures. It also could be Finding Hidden Odd Picture among many different given similar pictures. Odd One Out Puzzles can also be with numbers. In Numbers Odd one Out puzzles, some numbers are given and one has to find the Odd or Different number which does not follow the same property as other numbers follows. There are many different Odd One Out puzzles on this website. Today's Odd One Out puzzles are related to finding the Odd English Letter among the given set of letters.In each of the Puzzle pictures, there is group of letters given. These group of letters are related to each other with some specific property. However there is one letter which does not follow this property and one has to find this Odd Letter Out.These Odd One Out Puzzles range from Easy to Tough, with first one being the easiest one and the difficulty level increased in each of the puzzle.
1. P: Because all others are vowels.
2. H: Because all other letters have a curve.
3. U: Because all other can be drawn only with straight lines.
4. T: Because all other have enclosed area.
5.E: Because all other are symmetrical to vertical axis.Another answer could be U: Because all other can be created only with straight lines.
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