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If you are dealing with a bad phase of life then remember one thing that the time will pass and things will get better. We know that we cannot understand how difficult things can be when you are in a depression but we can assure you that you can make things better. The best way to deal with depression is through getting engaged with few recreational activities. One of the best ways to light up your mood is by watching good movies. Today we decided to share best Bollywood movies that will light up your mood.
Let’s check out the list
This story is of a boy who breaks away from his abusive and oppressive father and takes along his kid step-brother towards freedom. The reason why he wanted to get out of such life is that he didn’t want to work in his father’s factory and wanted to follow his passion for writing. You can watch this movie to watch the journey of this boy.
#2 Taare Zameen Par
The boy in the film is different from other boys around him. He is not good at things like studying, dancing and all but has a hidden talent that very few of his friends knows. Aamir Khan in the movie finds his hidden talent and appreciates him for his talent.
#3 Munna Bhai MBBS
This film is about the two close friends who were once a gangster but when their family comes to know about it, they find a way to get out of it by doing the right things. They get to learn some human values in the film and the way to find the right path. This film will surely light up your mood.
#4 Iqbal
The film is about a deaf and mute son of a farmer who is not allowed to follow his passion for cricket by his family. His sister and mother becomes the support system and allows him to follow his dreams. He manages to find a former cricket player as a coach who is an alcoholic. You must watch this movie and see how the boy works on his abilities to become a good cricketer.
#5 Queen
This story is about a girl from Delhi who is in depression after her fiancé walks out of the marriage two days after the wedding. Then she decides to go to honeymoon and enjoy. This film shows that no matter what happens in life you have to deal it with happiness.
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Author - Amit Singh
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