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There is no denying the fact that all the glitz and fame of the glamour world has its own flip side and comes with a cost. Over the years, there have been a number of celebrities in tinsel town who have succumbed to substance abuse. However, there were many who decided to turn the tables and overcome their weaknesses. Here are few celebrities who battled substance abuse and came out successful.
#1 Sanjay Dutt
While discussing substance abuse in Bollywood, one name that immediately flashes in the mind is that of actor Sanjay Dutt. The first time Sanjay tried drugs was when he was in college. Recalling the episode he once stated in a chat show, "Someone asked me to try it once, I tried it and then it remained with me for the next nine years of my life. I always used to be in my own world. From heroin to cocaine, I tried everything that was there in the books. I used to sniff and take pills. In the last year before my treatment started, I even used to inject drugs into my body." About the process of rehab, he was quoted saying that he didn't leave drugs because of his family, but because he wanted to be out of it.He reportedly stated that it is better to be "high on life" than on any "substance". Sanjay also added that there is "no better high" than doing "good work" and getting "appreciated" in life. According to Dutt, the most difficult phase is when the mind says, "now you're alright, and you can have a peg". That's when you have to use "willpower", he allegedly asserted.
#2 Ranbir Kapoor
Bollywood's blue-eyed boy Ranbir Kapoor isn't any stranger to drug abuse. The 'Jagga Jasoos' actor allegedly admitted to having done his fair share of pot (marijuana) during his days at film school. According to reports, he later tried it during 'Rockstar' as an acting tool to focus better. It was during the shoot of 'Barfi', that an argument between director Anurag Basu and RK led to a bet, wherein the latter allegedly challenged to resist smoking during the course of the film. This indeed turned into a life-changing moment for Kapoor. Ranbir is now gearing up for the release of the much anticipated Dutt biopic based on the life and times of actor Sanjay Dutt, where he will be seen stepping into the shoes of the 'Bhoomi' actor. Incidentally, the movie is expected to largely touch upon the drug addiction phase of Dutt as well.
#3 Pooja Bhatt
She's bold, sassy and doesn't give two hoots about what the world thinks. Yes, we're talking about none other than former actress and filmmaker Pooja Bhatt. Daughter of ace director/producer Mahesh Bhatt, Pooja has never shied away from making bold statements in public and has also spoken at length about her alcohol addiction on various platforms. She pulled the plug on her alcohol consumption in December 2016 and has been sober ever since. And she confessed it was all because of a text message from her father which made her rethink about her lifestyle, after which she finally put her foot down and quit to “reclaim the sharper, brighter" her that had got "watered down". "Acknowledging the fact that you are an alcoholic" is already winning half the battle against this "shameful habit", Pooja was quoted saying. Having played the main lead in Mahesh Bhatt's 'Daddy' (1989), a movie where she encouraged her father to give up alcohol, the 45-year-old actor admitted that she never thought "the girl who was counselling her father in the movie will be counselling herself for the same in real life."
#4 Manisha Koirala
Another celebrity to have surrendered to alcohol and drug abuse during her peak years was actress Manisha Koirala. Though she delivered hits after hits, sadly she too succumbed to the pressure of the industry and was constantly in the limelight for her smoking, drinking and drug abuse problems which also led to her downfall. The actress was later diagnosed with ovarian cancer. That's when she apparently turned a new leaf and gave up the bad habits. The brave heart that she is, Manisha fought valiantly against the disease and emerged successfully. She has recuperated well since then and is now gearing up for her next film, the Dutt biopic, where she's set to play the role of Sanjay Dutt's late mother and legendary actress Nargis.
#5 Prateik Babbar
Prateik Babbar, who made a striking debut in the Aamir Khan-produced 'Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na', soon disappeared from the radar as he was in rehab to combat drug addiction, a habit that stuck on to him from the age of 13. What started as experimentation with marijuana and hashish, developed into an addiction to cocaine and acid for Prateik. Soon, things spiralled out of control as Prateik found himself sniffing more often than he thought he would, becoming completely reliant on drugs to get through the day. The actor traced the desire to take drugs back to his childhood, as an escape from life and later on to deal with heartbreak. Fed up with the kind of life he was leading, Prateik decided to take charge of the situation and checked himself into a rehabilitation centre. The actor later encouraged other addicts to seek help as it made a drastic difference to his life (he has been sober for nearly a year now). He allegedly called out to all addicts reassuring that "there is assistance" and they should seek help in such cases. Leaving the past behind, Prateik started a new chapter of his life and got engaged to his girlfriend Sanya Sagar on the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchmi on January 22, 2018.
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