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‘Wise men say only fools rush in,’ remember this classic Elvis Presley tune? The lyrics of his song hold true for the situation we are about to discuss. The perennial question on every one’s mind and the topic of conversation at every Bollywood party seems to revolve around these – ‘Are Alia and Ranbir dating?,’ ‘Is this a publicity stunt for their next film?’ or ‘Is this just a cover up for something else?’ Well, these are some of the questions boggling everyone, including us! So we did what we are good at – some digging and snooping and a little bit of fact-checking. And what did we uncover? Well, all this build up can’t lead to an easy climax, so read on…
Let’s go back in time and revisit Alia and Ranbir’s past. Both have come out of a committed relationship. While Ranbir and Katrina have moved on quite some time back, Alia and Sid seem to have split amicably. Remember those pics of Sid and Alia goofing around at Shah Rukh’s Alibaug pad?
So one thing is clear – both Alia and Ranbir and single. If we had to put their relationship statuses on a Facebook page it would scream SINGLE! There isn’t any doubt in our minds that it would be other wise.
Now that we have established this, does it mean that two attractive single people falling in love and dating is the most obvious thing in the relationship book? Well maybe for most people, but not in the case of Alia and Ranbir. Both of these actors have shown an inherent disdain for any form of commitment when it came to putting a lockdown on their status. During the time that Ranbir was dating Katrina, there was constant talk of how he wasn’t ready to take the big leap and put a ring on it. Similarly ‘its complicated’ would serve as an apt description for Alia and Sidharth. So no, Alia and Ranbir aren’t exactly sending lovey-dovey SMSes to each other or planning a fancy dinner for Valentine’s Day.
On the contrary, we are told that these two are taking things really slow, almost at a snail’s pace. Okay, maybe not that slow, but then it’s a phrase we rarely use, so get the picture? Alia and Ranbir are in no rush to put a label on what they share. So anyone already coining terms like RanLia or AliBir need to calm down. Our apologies if we put these horrid names out in the universe – please erase it from your memory right now!
The fact of the matter is that Ranbir and Alia will be on a really long schedule in Bulgaria, away from home, away from family, away from the paps hiding in the bushes, at the airport, at the restaurant, at the gym, outside their house, almost any spot you can imagine. Yes, so it will give these two quite a bit of privacy and time to figure things out. Maybe once they are back from the schedule of their fantasy fiction sci-fi film Bramhastra, we could give you a better update!
So as of now, it’s complicated for Ranbir and Alia. We promise to keep you updated on the two in the coming days, weeks, months!
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