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There was Chocolate Day, there was Hug Day, there was Teddy Day for some reason and finally, it is Kiss Day today. In a country like India, where a kiss in a film is still frowned upon by the society, the potential that ‘Kiss Day’ holds are endless. Not really. But when you watch the following clips, you would actually want kisses to be entirely banned in films. Don’t worry, I am not another Pahlaj Nihlani in the making. When you watch these videos, you, too, would make a similar plea. So, do anything but never ever in forever, kiss like they do onscreen. Here is a dummy’s guide on How Not to Kiss.
Lips are to kiss, not for transferring lipstick
You see, when you kiss, there is definitely going to be an exchange of lipstick. But that does not mean that you are intentionally going to use the method to transfer the colour from your set of lips to hers. The scene is from the film, Wajood, and features Nana Patekar and Ramya Krishnan.
Do not kiss to make up for emotional abuse and to issue threats
Some men believe they own their girlfriends. A kiss is NOT going to fix the fact you just threatened her. A bad kiss is even worse. Hrithik Roshan in this scene from Dhoom 2 should have started with an apology first and then moved on to even think about kissing Aishwarya Rai. He had just forced her to play a game of gun roulette with him. Geez
Commit to your damn kiss
Do you want to experiment with someone of the same sex? Bravo! Go ahead. But dude, commit to it. What is this half-ass kiss that Randeep makes Saqib a victim of? The two actors had the rare opportunity to make this one of the most memorable kisses in the film industry. But with their shoddiness and visible unwillingness, they made it so cringeworthy that no one would want to see it again.
A surprise kiss is not an excuse to keep your eyes open
Solely pecking on the upper lip is not called kissing, to begin with. And sometimes you are going to be taken by surprise with a kiss. Your partner would just find you super cute while you are chilling in your jammies with unkempt hair and will try to kiss you. Show some reflex and close your eyes. A surprise is not an excuse to keep your eyes open. Shah Rukh Khan kept his eyes open half the time when Katrina was kissing him in Jab Tak Hai Jaan.
A sloppy kiss is NOT a way to get back at your ex
Kareena Kapoor went for two birds, one stone in the climax of Jab We Met. She not only confessed her love to Shahid Kapoor but also got back at her ex, who looked at the couple making out. Gurl, no! We get it your ex is an asshole, to say the least, but you are above him! And to be honest, the ex must be laughing seeing this sloppy exchange of saliva for a kiss. You do not want to give your ex that satisfaction, right?
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