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Sridevi was not only a versatile actress but also a prolific one. The diva would have quite a few releases in a year, which at times, would be more than five. Nowadays, we consider it an overkill if an actor does more than three films in a year. Well, promotions in those days weren’t as huge as it is now. If an actor does three films in a year in the present day, we feel we are seeing him everyday. That combined with the extra coverage from social media. Sridevi did a number of Tamil/Telugu and Kannada remakes during this period. Here is a look at the years when she had the maximum number of releases.
1982: 13 releases (Telugu)
Yes, even I counted and recounted this statistic. Sridevi had a staggering 13 releases in the year and many of these films were remade into Hindi. Trishulam with Krishnam Raju was remade into Naya Kadam with Rajesh Khanna. Justice Chaudhary that starred NT Rama Rao was remade in Hindi with same title and Jeetendra as lead actor. Here are the names of the films: Aadi Vishnulu, Trishulam Lakshmi, Andagaadu Hema, Anuraga Devata Roopa Devi, Bangaaru Bhoomi Padma, Bangaaru Koduku, Bobbili Puli Vijaya, Justice Chowdary, Kalavari Samsaram SujathaKrisharjunulu Vasanti, Krishnavataram Gauri, Bangaru Kanuka RoopaVayyari Bhamalu Vagalamari Bhartalu and Prema Nakshatram.
1981: 11 releases (Telugu)
The lady did 11 films in Telugu in this year. They were Puli Bidda, Bhoga Bhagyalu Radha, Aakali Rajyam Devi, Gharana Gangulu, Gadasari Atta Sogasari Kodalu Susheela, Guru Shishyulu Lata, Kondaveeti Simham Devi, Premabhishekam DeviRani Kasula Rangamma Rangamma, Illalu Jyoti and Satyam Shivam. She worked with all big names like Krishnam Raju, Akkineni Nageshwara Rao, and NT Rama Rao. From a social drama to a film with a sports backdrop, she played the lover girl in all these films.
1977: 11 releases (Malayalam)
Sridevi did a number of films with actors like KP Ummer, Kamal Haasan, Bahadoor and others. This period also forged the wonderful friendship between Kamal and her. Some of the films were Aasheervaadam, Aadhya Paadam, Oonjal, Satyavan Savithri Savithri and Vezhambal. Post this, she took a huge break only to be seen in 1996 in Devaraagam. She acted opposite Arvind Swamy.
1980: 10 releases (Telugu)
We are sure many of you will wonder how and when did she manage time to do so much. The fact is that Sridevi was a much loved actress in Telugu and shared screen space with all the stars from Nagarjuna to NT Rama Rao and Krishnam Raju. Some of the films she did in 1980 were Aatagadu Vijaya, Kaksha Radha, Prema Kanuka Sandhya and Mosagadu.
1986: 10 releases (Hindi)
This year, she had 10 releases in Hindi. The biggest blockbuster was of course, Nagina. People loved her as the shape-shifting Naagin and her iconic dance number, Meri Teri Dushman with Amrish Puri. Other hits were Jaanbaaz where she crooned the memorable song Har Kisi Ko Nahi Milta and Karma, where she was Baiju’s love interest. Films like Suhaagan, Ghar Sansar, Dharm Adhikari were remakes.
Though the actress is not physically present with us anymore, her legacy will stay on forever inspiring generations after another. It is an immense loss for the industry. The actress left us speechless with her nuanced performance in English Vinglish (2012) and was fab in Mom (2017) too.
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