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Rajinikanth’s Kaala Karikaalan is easily one of the most anticipated films of this year. While we were expecting the film to release this year, we were pleasantly surprised when the movie replaced 2.0 on 27th April, 2018. This Summer, the don is coming. Kaala will mark Rajinikanth’s second collaboration with Pa Ranjith. The last time they came together, they crested Kabali. At the time fo Kabali’s release, its promo created quite the furore. It went on to break many records on YouTube. In fact the Kabali teaser was the most viewed promo of 2016. The dialogue, Rajiniaknth’s epic entry, the background score – all combined to give us one of the best promos we had seen. With one day to for the Kaala teaser, expectations are high considering, Rajinikanth – Pa Ranjith, Santhosh Narayanan have joined hands again. With only 24 hours to go, here are 5 things we are looking forward to in the Kaala teaser:
Kickass background score
Last time when the Kabali promo was out, along with the teaser, the background score was applauded. Neruppu Da was a song that perfectly reflected Rajinikanth’s swag, style. We can’t wait to have another anthem that has Thalaiva written all over!
Epic Dialogue
Who can forget ‘Kabali da! even though it has been two years since the promo released! That was a dialogue that stayed with us and millions of other fans. The way Rajinikanth said it added to the drama! It’s time for an epic new dialogue for Kaala. Don’t you think?
Rajinikanth’s swag
After playing glamorous roles, Rajinikanth pleasantly surprised when he played an older don in Kabali. We instantly fell in love with his salt n pepper look; the well-cut suits added to all the swag. For Kaala Karikaalan, his clothes have taken on a desi twist – suits have been replaced by a kurta and mundu, but nobody’s complaining because unsurprisingly, Rajinikanth is pulling off that as well. We can’t wait to catch a glimpse of his swag in this promo.
Intense scene
In Kabali, we saw him effortlessly break down a table and whip one of the bad guy’s ass! You couldn’t have stopped yourself from whistling and clapping! Now it’s time for the don of Dharavi to show us what he has got. Don’t you think?
Surprise element
What will set Kaala apart from Kabali? While both are gangsta movies, what is that Kaala has, that Kabali doesn’t? After the epic dialogue, background score and swag, we are looking forward to some surprise element! After all it’s a Rajinikanth starrer!
How excited are you about the Kaala Karikaalan teaser? Do share your comments in the box below.
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