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While a movie is magical enough in itself, sometimes makers use VFX (abbreviation of visual effects) to enhance the experience. We are bowled over by the fabulous VFX that we have seen in movies like Avatar, Avengers, or the Indian movies like Baahubali. But while the usage of special effects is very obvious in these films, there have been instances when you would not have even noticed that scene is computer generated. Here we look at some of the most unnoticed VFX usages in Bollywood movies.
Housefull 3
Honestly, I genuinely thought that Akshay Kumar knew how to spin a ball on his fingertip. You expect such things of Khiladi Kumar. Naive me!
When Abhishek Bachchan stopped this statue of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan from falling, in a meta joke, I had no clue that much detailing has gone into it. In fact these won’t be the only examples of VFX in the film, but even the house the characters were living in was hugely VFX.
Special 26
There were many scenes in Special 26 that were very clearly VFX induced. Like the ones where Akshay Kumar is sitting on Marine Drive – that looked totally fake. But there are numerous scenes in the film where you can’t tell VFX or real apart. Like, can you believe that old plane was completely computer generated?
3 Idiots
3 Idiots also uses a lot of VFX. From the scenes shot in Ladakh to a lot of scenes in college were computer generated. My favourite is the one where Boman Irani is revealed to be ambidextrous – someone who can write with both hands. I thought, Boman must have practiced a lot. But here is how the scene was really shot.
This one was the most heartbreaking revelation for me. I spent my life thinking that Cocktail has been shot in London while the reality was that only a part of the movie has been shot there. All the scenes from the trio’s flat have been shot at a studio in Mumbai. Hats off to the amount of detailing that has been put in, from the type of plants to colour of the buildings.
Golmaal Again
Well, this was uncalled for. Was it so tough to find an exterior of a house? I don’t get it!
Jagga Jasoos
We know that there are so many scenes in Jagga Jasoos that use VFX. I mean Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif were not actually riding ostriches. Neither does Nawazuddin Siddiqui have two heads. But there are so many unexpected scenes in the film that use VFX.
The reason here to use VFX is very different. Makers wanted to shoot in the real snow but Ranveer Singh broke his back and they had to postpone the shoot. By the time Ranveer recovered, snow season had long gone. So to save time and money, VFX and special effects were used.
The movie was so heavily promoted for the fact that it has been shot in Paris and that it is the first movie to have its trailer launch at Eiffel Tower. So much noise, and this glittering shot of Eiffel Tower was not even real.
Well, which scene out of these fooled you? Or did you spot the VFX in each scene? Tell us in comments below!
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