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Richa Chadha's Bollywood career has really kicked off and the actress has time and again proven that she's not just a great entertainer but someone who can slip in and out of any role thrown at her. Her versatility is what defines her and today, we had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with the beauty with regards to her upcoming, '3 Storeys'.
The film is woven around the happenings in a chawl and even though Richa plays just a small part in the film, she had much to say about it. Talking about her role in '3 Storeys', she said, "I am only in a special appearance in this one so, I knew that I didn’t have the pressure of giving a lot of dates. It was just easy-breezy to do. I just had to play a pretty and desirable woman, something I don’t get to do often in my films. So, it was a very understated glamorous role." She added, "This is a new-age film.It is in the commercial zone but yet, not very commercial. It is not a festival film or an art-house film or a slow-parallel film either. It is just a film about life and it is very positive.That is what I like most about it."
We recall Richa saying earlier that she wouldn't like to date an actor. However, that seems to have changed. On this, she said, "I know…then I had to eat my words. I just met a nice guy." When asked whether she would like to share screen space with her beau, Ali Fazal, she said, "The funny thing is I just shared screen space with him. I directed a short film. I put it together in 2 days and 48 hours and he really supported me from the writing to the execution. I cast him in the film since it was so last minute. I wrote and directed it and Ali was there throughout!"
Richa is one to speak her mind and she did so too even when people were attacking Swara Bhasker for her 'Padmaavat' open letter to Sanjay Leela Bhansali. On this, she said, "I supported Bhansali sir's right to release the film. And that is it. I will die defending somebody’s right to say what they want to say. And if he wants to make a film and say this, he has a right to say it. And Swara has an opinion and she wants to express it. She shouldn’t be trolled for it! You may not agree with her language or her style or you may think she is coming on too strong, but it is her opinion, so she should be allowed to say what she has to say. However, I felt differently from how she felt but I will express that when I have the time."
Today on the occasion of Women's day, we'd also like to share what Richa thinks about the word 'feminism', "It means being able to say what I what to say without being trolled. Being a feminist basically means that you have the agency to say the things you want to say, make the films you want to make and write what you want to write. And have equal rights."
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