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We are leaving in the modern era of TV serials, now we don’t need a Doordarshan or anything to watch exciting serials. Now everything is under your one click. Amazon Prime, Netflix, and different cable channels completely rule the TV serial world. But why we still talk about the 90’s serial in India? Why we still search for short clips on YouTube and why we still believe that these serials have a different taste in them. Here are some reasons that what and how 90’s serial teach us in many ways.
Family Love
Viewers watch the show HUMPANCH with their entire family not only this how we can ignore the Malguni days serial? These are the TV series which are literally teach us about the family respect and family love. Each day in Malguni by R K Narayan was one of the best parts of 90’s serial.
Different Story/Script Line
Just Mohabbat, HipHip Hurray and many another concept truly showcase a different side of entertainment. That time all writers try on keeping some good story rather than this “Saas Babu NAUTANKI”.
Genuine Life through Reality shows
Those emotions are real, those people are real. Reality shows like BOOGIE WOOGIE, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Antakshadi impresses the audience in a very friendly and positive manner. Not like scripted splitsvilla or any other reality shows of the present time.
Fictitious yet original Superhero
This one is especially for Shaktiman & captain Vyom fans. Do like if you are a true fan of these superheroes. We all know that those heroes are total fiction but that DESI style of them literally steals the shows.
The reality of Daily life
Serials like; Shrimaan Ji Shrimati Ji, Office-Office and many others perfectly satire the government condition and especially condition of government offices. We all face this problem in real life that’s why we relate ourselves to these serials.
There are various other reasons which truly supports my argument that, No matter how modern we become but these small sweet things from the 90’s. Stay tuned to LOPSCOOP for more cute updates.
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Author – Adnan Alam
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