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There is a saying that Beti ka asli ghar, uska sasural hota hai. This would definitely sound bitter to those girls who are yet unmarried. Precisely, this is an obvious reaction of a girl and she cannot help it either. If we see, generally this adage should not be taken as a serious thought. We have seen parents persuading their daughters saying, Beti ab vahi tera ghar hai or Beti to paraya dhan hoti hai, to which daughters feel offended.
But what these proverbs originally mean can only be understood by a woman who is married. I, being a married woman can fully comprehend these maxims along with the interpretations behind them. I was married at the age of 24. All is well and by God’s grace I am happy and contended with my life. The initial days were really busy, as it takes time to adjust with the family. I used to go to my mom’s house (look here it comes! I am saying mom’s house) with my husband and sometimes alone too. The days were awesome enough. But slowly and steadily I get to realize certain things which made me believe that these adages are somewhere meaningful. The feeling was neither negative, nor positive. But yes, there was certainly an essence behind these sayings.
An instance or I would say that moment which made me believe in above sayings (but somewhat vaguely)
Once, I asked my mom for a nail paint remover and she told me to take it from the cupboard inside her dressing room. As soon as I entered the room and raised my hand to open the cupboard, something stopped me! That feeling, I cannot forget. Never ever in my life! My first time to feel in that way! Although, no one had ever in their mind the feeling I had in my heart (at that moment) but that was something that moved me from inside and broke that false perception which I had been building up for several years. False perception? I don’t know whether I should use that term. But that was almost near to that; very close in fact! I won’t say that my mom’s house is not mine. It is, indeed. However, there was something that always used to stop me from owning it. I don’t know what. May be, it’s all in my mind. MY FALSE PERCEPTION?!!
Well, I think this is something to which every girl comes across once she gets married. The confusion about ownership! May be in that sense these so- called proverbs are true to some extent only when it is thought by a married woman. But it is at its worst when parents impose them on their daughters wrongly. As a matter of fact, these adages will stay like a taboo in our society and we cannot help it.
So, we need to stay positive with our lives without taking stress about what is happening around. Because everything heels with time!
Content Creator- Manila Sharma
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