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We are undoubtedly so much stuck in our busy schedules that sometimes we don’t even realize what we are eating. The other time, we just have to fill our stomachs because of severe hunger. Such our lives are. No time for ourselves! However, at times we become nostalgic remembering the time when our dadis and nanis used to make something very delicious that we couldn’t resist eating. They used to have something different in their kitchens, that one special ingredient which makes the food moreish.
What was that? I still wonder! All I can recall now is their dishes which were unique at that time. Perhaps, if anyone, ‘say’ a greatest chef tries to make them, then these dishes can never be taste like Nani’s or Dadi’s.
So recalling both my Grandmas, I once again remembering their dishes and going to share it right here with you all. Three cheers for Grannys!
1. Aam Papad
The dry mango that we get it from market was my dadi’s favorite reciepe. The juicy aam papad used to taste like heaven in my 90’s. Yumm, it was!
2. Atte or Til k laddu
This was surely my Nani’s speciality. The way it used to taste at that time, I have never tasted anywhere else. My nani used to say, “kha isko, moti hogi”. Aww nani, I miss you!
3. Roti sang ghee shakkar
This was ultimate. Hot ghee added in shakkar and then eating it with plain roti was unearthly specially when my dadi used to put a bite in my mouth. Still remember the feel.
4. Gurh ka halwa
How can I forget this! I used to yell for it asking again and again dadi to prepare it for me. Hot, sweet and mouth-watering it used to be. Once, it's into the mouth, it gets dissolved. Umm! I loved it.
5. Gobi Gajar ka achaar
This was a ‘must have’ of our daily routine. Eating this sour and sweet pickle with simple dal roti used to enhance the taste even more.
6. Aam ki chutney
The khatti mithi chutney made from mangoes was like a cherry on the cake. I still remember when I once ate 3 chapatis with this only chutney in my plate. Out of the world!
I sometimes wonder how time passes and leaves behind beautiful moments for future. We just outrun those moments so quickly that we couldn’t chase them or perhaps, we chase them in our memories. We should be happy that we have these wonderful and timeless reminiscences to cherish.
Content Creator- Manila Sharma
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