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A rock band always seems rocking. The friendship and the guy- bond they share are just incomparable. Until or unless they give each other the quality time, they won’t be able to create something that spreads magic all around. But imagine if one of the band mates gets hitched, what would happen to the entire band. OMG! That would be indeed an emotional hit to all the members.
Umm.. I think this would be a perfect reaction of other band mates- LOL!
Now, imagine a band mate who is getting married, comes and tell the other mates that he is going to get hitched, their first reaction would be-
And they would take it hilariously. But how would it be when they would know the reality?? Like this! LOL!!
Well, this is really a serious matter. When a guy happens to meet a girl he certainly forgets his friends. So, why not band- mate? Haha!! But over the top, I want to show you, in my way, how each and every member of rock band would feel when one of them is going to take away the essence of their magical muse with just a single thing— A Girl!
Here are some hilarious reactions that show what happens to rock band when a member gets hitched.
Get ready to sit back tight and ‘Go Bananas’
1. When the members are eager to create new music.
2. When that so called 'Groom' forgets his guitar at home
3. When band- mates ask him to practice for their new show
4. When he is asked to have a rocking party
5. Remaking old hindi song be like-
Stay tuned for some more funny jokes! :)
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