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When traveling, save space by ditching overpacking clothes and avoid heavy belts. Just take along a few lightweight scarves as you can innovate with them as bandanas, mini bags or belts, suggest experts.
Esha Gupta, Founder, House of Zeniaa, and Meesha and Trisha Khanna, Co-Founders, Meesha Scarves, have listed few ways of turning your colourful scarves into multi-purpose commodities:
1. Wrap it up as a belt
Change the look of your dress by tying a fun coloured or even patterned scarf around your waist. If you have a skinny scarf handy, try pulling it through your belt loops and securing with a bow.
2. Swimsuit cover up
Swimsuit cover-ups are one-trick ponies. They're often see-through, so you can't wear them anywhere but the beach or pool. Tie your scarf around your hips for a bit of cover, or wrap a larger scarf around your chest for a strapless dress style.
3. A fun little skirt
Throw on a scarf over your bikini bottoms or workout shorts for a cute vacation style upgrade.
4. Tie it into a mini bag
If you ever find yourself in need of an extra hand, try tying a scarf into a mini hobo bag. Simply gather up the corner, tie a few knots, and you'll be carrying your farmer's market goodies in no time.
5. Shade your eyes and feel boho
If no eye mask in available, tying a scarf around your head works just as well. Perfect for airplanes, trains or bright hotel rooms.
A long, flowing scarf adds a soft feminine touch to any outfit, but for a different look, a lengthy scarf makes a stylish, handy belt. Use it as a wild west handkerchief, which is too easy to carry over a t-shirt and jeans for your flights and travel.
Pack along a neutral scarf that makes a statement, and it is bound to be the most versatile and powerful accessory in your travel wardrobe.
Source: IANS
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