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Marriage, according to me, is nothing but an unpredictable event that affects your entire future. Don’t worry girls, it’s indeed not that scary but yes, if you won’t handle the things wisely in initial stages then it might turn into a nightmare (exceptions exist).
Now turning the things in a funny way let's talks about how you will get to know whether your marriage is going to be a cake walk or a tough tale. You certainly get an idea of the whole situation once you get to meet your would be in- laws. Trust me, that’s the time when you are going to examine how your life would be after marriage. So, beware girls! If you are asked these weird questions in a pre-wed meeting, just decide wisely.
Here are some irritating questions that take the hell out of us:
1. Khana bnana ata hai?
This is something that irritates you the most. Someone, please ask them if they are going to hire a cook or something!
2. Sleeveless to ni pehnti?
This would be a big No to the ‘rishta’. Why would you wear something according to their choice? It’s your life, come ‘on.
3. Non- veg to nahi khati na?
What if you love non- vegan food? Why would you leave your favorites for them?
4. Shadi k bad b naukri krogi kya?
Of course! Our parents have spent a lot of money on our studies. Moreover it should be your own career choice. Why the heck they even ask this question?
5. Pooja path krti ho?
Religion is something which is completely your own take. You can’t force anyone to be religious, I guess!
6. Tumari lambai kitni hogi
I think the perfect answer would go like this- ‘Shayd apke bete se lambi hu anty’.
And now the epic one asked by guy-
7. Tumara koi ldka dost to nahi hai na
Wow! Men are men. If they have a gf then it’s totally fine, but if we have male friends then it’s a big damn deal. Uff! Just chuck them out.
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